Nutrient Dense, Delicious Free Range Eggs are found at Avondale Hills Farm.

Our chickens roam freely on our 41 acre farm.  They forage super greens, worms (and in the winter when the worms aren’t to be found, we raise them in our basement to feed to them).  In the winter when it’s difficult to find greens, we plant and grow barley in our hydroponic farm for them.
No farmer goes to the lengths we do to ensure a delicious nutrient packed egg.
Why?  It’s not profitable at Grocery store prices.  We therefore have only sold farm to table to high quality restaurants and cafes like Talula’s Table, Chatham financial among others.  They are willing to pay for good food which has been carefully raised.
Those who believe we are price gouging need to wake up and take their fights to the large corporations who squeeze farmers out of any profits unless they produce in the 1000s.  In come the videos and pictures of how chickens at the price points your’e used to are being raised.  Do your research.   Watch BIGGEST LITTLE FARM movie to get an idea of what we go through to get your food to you. Then go to their online store to see they charge $15 a dozen eggs.  That’s the price point that would make this profitable.
Those individuals who would like to yell at us should go to the tax collectors office and get them to reduce the yearly taxes on the land the chickens graze.  Let’s call the tax RENT.  $4,000 a year just for rent on that land they graze.  That’s price gouging.  Take your fight up with them.
Support us and we will support you.  The opposite is we keep it all for ourselves and close this store.   If you see others bashing us online, we ask to support us (thus supporting you)  and put them in their place.  It only takes one to ruin it for everyone.

Local Pickup Only.