Grass Fed Prime Cuts Ground Beef Freeze Dried

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Being prepared is an integral part of Avondale Hills Farm.  From filling the barn with high quality hay to stocking the hen’s grain room, having what you need on hand for months or years helps us rest at ease.   We have invested in a Harvest Right Freeze Dryer.  That gives us the ability to Freeze Dry our Grass Fed Prime Cuts Ground Beef.  Because our herd is only grass fed, that means they come with less fat marbled in.  You will easily recognize the deep red meat which is flash frozen and then freeze dried to lock in ultimate freshness.  This is uncooked, raw Grass Fed Prime Cuts Ground Beef Freeze Dried.  You reconstitute it with water and cook it how you like, as a hamburger, meatballs in tacos, or with your favorite sauces.  A chef owning a freeze dryer demonstrates in a 10 minute video the exact process we follow from freeze drying, to reconstituting to cooking the best ground beef!
Over the past 2 years we have carefully raised Black Angus on our Beefmaster® specially formulated grass pastures.  Over the winter months we spoiled our cattle with the highest quality 2nd cutting hay, promoting both health and weight gain.
We have never injected any antibiotics or hormones of any kind.  We feel that premium beef comes as a result of a very manageable herd of 20 or less, by monitoring and rotating cattle to graze in fields which have had proper time to regrow and strengthen with natural nutrients.  We ensure optimum grazing by analyzing the soil and taking proper steps to help fields regrow nutrient rich blades of grass directly passed on to our cattle.