Farmer's Market

Come to the Farm and Buy Super Fresh & Direct

Grass Fed Black Angus Beef

Ask about our bundle options, or purchasing a 1/4 or 1/2 a cow with multiple cuts.  Our beef is lean and delicious.  It’s also good for your heart!!!  Grass-fed beef contains CLA naturally (conjugated Linoleic Acid) Reduces homocysteine, Reduces cardiovascular risk factor! Heart Healthy!  We have included photos to see the incredible quality of our meat.

Leafy Greens

Our Year Round Hydroponic Farm produces the absolute best tasting greens you’ll ever taste.  Packed with perfect nutrition and flavor our leafy greens have been kept from all and any pesticides and outdoor environmental pollution.  We call our leafy greens “PURE”.   Organic isn’t what you think it is!  Organic Produce allows 1,000s of pesticides and it’s only Organic if the farmer doesn’t spray more than they should.  Don’t be duped by mass labeling or trusting foreign farmers to adhere to US regulations!   Go Local and Eat right for your life!

Eggs & Rabbit