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The Chains Nha Trang brings you festivals with the charm of spring, romance and emotion on The Chains Sky Wheel. The Chains Phu Quoc invites you to visit a safari and enjoy sunset in the pearl island. A variety of attractive activities await you such as family photos or throwing coins into The Chains fountains.

Thousands of luxury rooms; a world of international culinary experiences; elegant spas; endless fun with 90 check-in places in The Chains Land; The Chains Safari – the first and only safari in Vietnam, golf, are waiting for you to explore. Every service is tailored to provide our guests with completely relaxing holidays.

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This festival is also part of The Chains’s 15 years of vitality and experience in the field of resort and entertainment. As a Vietnamese brand, The Chains has underlined its leading position in the country and is constantly growing in the international arena. With 17 five star hotels and resorts; and modern entertainments located in eight provinces across the country, The Chains is continuously making efforts to provide our guests with a paradise-like experience in Vietnam with a colorful, joyful and happy festive season.