Our Black Angus grass fed beef cattle are pampered with lush green pastures of BeefMasters® Grass.  We move our cattle between 6 pasture fields to ensure grass regrowth. Rotational grazing is beneficial for the environment by allowing adequate rest for the grass to grow while increasing plant diversity.

We take special care of our herd to ensure a healthy and stress-free living environment.  It is our belief that the love and dedication we have for our farm, livestock and leafy greens passes through the taste and quality of our products.

During the winter months when pasture is no longer an option for our cattle, we have secured 2nd cutting hay from Zartman Farms.  They are a local farm growing specialized hay out of New York State.  We receive delivery direct from NY and store it in our Big Red Barn on site.  This year we stacked more than 81,000 pounds of hay.

If you are looking to purchase an entire Black Angus cow or 1/2 of a cow, please contact us for details by clicking on our contact us link at the top of this page.