Avondale Hills Farm embodies holistic harmonious farming.  We have created a peaceful environment where our livestock forage freely upon acres of specially planted vegetation to meet their nutritional needs.  In the winter we have secured locally sourced second cutting grasses with tall wide grassy blades with higher nutritional value

Avondale Hills Farm’s first addition and pride and joy came with our first 4 cows in November, 2015. Throughout the years, the number has grown.  We are now at 25 and this year alone welcomed 10 new calves.

In December of that same year we purchased our first chicken coop and started raising layer hens.  We started with 15 and have grown to over 150.  We hope that number grows.  Our eggs are loved by all those who have eaten them.  Give them a try.  You can eat them here, there and everywhere!  Some are even green!

In May 2016 4 young female goats made their home on the farm.  In 2017, just 1 year later we welcomed their kids growing the herd to 12.  This September all mama goats blessed our farm with 11 new kids.  They are adorable and playful.

Tractor on Farm Red Barn
Stay on the Farm with Farm Stay

Stay on the Farm with Farm Stay