Holistic Harmonious Farming


Avondale Hills Farm embodies holistic harmonious farming.  We have created a peaceful environment where our livestock forage freely upon acres of specially planted vegetation to meet their nutritional needs.  In the winter we have prepared a food storage from locally sourced second cutting grasses with tall wide grassy blades.

Lettuce Rejoice!

Black Angus, Boer/Nubian Milking and Meat Goats, and over 100 egg laying Hens are all cared for by our dedicated family.  This year we have entered into the high-tech arena of hydroponic farming.  Our produce farm grows 4,000 leafy greens a month from lettuce to chard, kale and herbs.  In our self-contained environment, we can boast our adherence to high quality greens which in their purity have never touched polluted air, polluted rain, herbicides or pesticides.  We use non-GMO seeds and plant only organic seeds.  Our greens come with their roots attached.  They are living and last longer!